Tuesday, 15 October 2019

#SurprisingFacts About #Facebook

#MarkZuckerberg developed #Facemash before #Facebook. Facemash compiled two pictures online which placed them next to each other and asked users to select the ‘hotter’ person. Around that time, Harvard didn’t use any student directory with pictures and basic details.

In just 4 hours after going live, Facemash had around 22,000 photo views by 500 visitors. This is how #MarkZuckerberg thought of improvising Facemash into Facebook. Rest is history!

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Monday, 14 October 2019

8 Reasons ! Why drupal is Extensively used by web developers in 2019 ?

#Drupal is one of the mostpopular CMS in the market. According to the #W3Techs report, #Drupal is used by #3.1% of all the websites. This statistic shows that this open-source CMS is being extensively used by web developers in 2019. So, what makes Drupal highly popular across various industries? Let’s dive in!

1. A free and #open-source platform
2. Easy for #developers to create, organize and #manage custom websites
3. Over #2500 themes and #38000 modules
4. #Supports different types of #digitalcontent
5. Easy to #develop  #multilingual websites through third-party modules
6. Provides advanced #security features
7. Supports #usermanagement
8. Installation and #Configuration Ease

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Can Shopify Store, Help You Top Rankings in Search Results?

Shopify is a popular eCommerceplatform that has all the features you need to make your online store perform well in search. With strong SEO functionality and  -friendly interface, Shopify allows businesses that are primarily focusing on eCommerce to compete in searchresults.
Here are the benefits you can leverage from Shopify SEO: Shopify offers the main SEO options including canonical instructions, #301 redirects, automatic sitemap generation, customizable title tags, personalized URLs, etc.
Shopify lets you build a well-structured and easy to navigate store that matches your offerings with user searches. With intuitive backend support, it is easy to implement on-page SEO using this platform. Shopify comes with a lightweight template, which helps boost the page loading speed of your online store.

Is It Worth Learning Python?

Despite various major programming languages like Java, PHP, c++ and more, why people are still stuck with Python
What makes Python more interesting and useful for the developers of today’s world?

Python gives developers an easy way to put across their ideas with the program, enable writing a complex algorithm in fewer lines of code, and allow people to respond in case of getting stuck somewhere. 
So, Python offers ways to help developers find better methods for solving the problems.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

6 Essential Elements that Needs to Be Considered While Selecting the Right Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

With the ecommerce industry witnessing phenomenal rise since the past couple of years, it goes without saying that the best way to capitalize on this explosive growth is by launching your own ecommerce website. So, if you have finally decided to mark your presence in the world of digital selling, the next important thing you need to ponder over is the need of an appropriate ecommerce platform as per the type and size of your business.
The process of developing an ecommerce store is an expensive venture. Nevertheless, with the availability of multitude of options with respect to ecommerce platforms, even a person with least technical acumen can run an eCommerce store efficiently. However, every platform is built to suit different business needs and requirements, which makes it all the more important for you to choose the most appropriate platform as per your specific business needs.
The blog outlines some important elements that need to be considered while deciding upon the most suitable option for your project:
One of the most important elements that you need to consider while searching for an appropriate platform is the price. Though, plenty of affordable ecommerce platforms are available, you still need to consider certain other factors such as hosting fees, processing fees etc to go ahead with the development.
Payment Method
Next important thing that you need to consider is the mode of payment that you offer to your customers. You need to do ample research before selecting the right platform so that your customers do not face any inconvenience.
Security has become a major concern amongst customers. It thus becomes important for site owners to ensure the security of sensitive customer data by choosing a platform that supports SSL and HTTP for a safe checkout. Also make sure that the platform you choose is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.
Third Party Integrations
Yet another factor that requires giving due considerations are the integrations and plugins of these platforms. The choice of plugins will however depend on your business requirement.
SEO Responsiveness
It is equally important for eCommerce sites to rank high in the search results so that customers can easily find you while searching for your products. You need to choose a platform that offers tools that can help you optimize your site for SEO
Mobile Optimized
Since, 60 percent searches are conducted from mobile devices; it becomes all the more important for ecommerce site owners to look for platforms that would allow customers to access their site easily.
There is no dearth of ecommerce platforms. However, with so many choices, choosing the right ecommerce platform isn’t an easy job. You need to choose an option that can provide long-term growth and can scale accordingly.

Friday, 4 October 2019

What is google latest updates in seo ?

#update For #seoexecutive #seocompany #seoexperts #google has exclusively updated its #algorithms to help you with more original reporting in search.
To give more priority to stories that were the original source, 

Google has been releasing new algorithmic updates for its #ranking #algorithms. Original reporting will certainly make the ranking better in Google News and Google Discover. With this update, the stories will remain at the top of the news cluster for a longer span.

So, if you are a publisher and working upon producing news content, it is not enough to do “value add” type of #reporting now.

#Magento: Is This #eCommerce platform Beneficial for Your Business?

Unlike most of its competitors, #Magento is the most extensively used open-source eCommerce platform out there. However,
#Magento isn’t best suited for everyone. So, what types of companies are best fitted to using Magento? How you can make the most of this open-source software?
Magento works best for established retailers and businesses with technical skills. How these sectors can leverage the power of Magento? Let’s dive in!
 Magento offers the kind of custom online shopping experience these types of businesses desire to create. To achieve this, you need to 1Remove diversions
Eliminate the source of anxiety Simplify product categories by creating collections of similar items Offer and approach discounts the right way Test your Magento site
Do you have intermediate coding skills? Magento is the best option to get absolute control of your site. To create a result-driven Magento store, you need to:
Select the right Magento theme
Optimize your product pages
Choose Magento extension wisely
So, how do you feel about using Magento? Share your thoughts!

Sunday, 29 September 2019

What Are Some Good Website Design Ideas ?

Want to create a new website design but stuck in a creative block? 
Here, let us help. Start with a plan and put all the basics together and make sure that your plan includes:-

*Smart Work:- Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Attractive and Timely. 
 It defines what your website will accomplish, and after achieving the smart Work.

*Draw your Clients' journey 
 What path you want your customer to follow once they land on your website?

*Keep a style guide handy - What kind of fonts you would use, 
 type of images and colors to name a few. 
 It will give your design task a consistency.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Why choose us our services.?

"Whatever You Will Ask - We Will Deliver to you."

AanaxagorasR Software is a full digital solutions company providing new age design, development and online marketing services for businesses. From the inception of website/mobile app design, back-end operations and user experience to the launch, campaign management, and maintenance – we are a one-stop shop for all services. Our aim is to create an impactful digital footprint by quality delivery services that help boost your brand and drive sales. We are based in services around the globally.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Reason Why You Should Consider Picking Up Responsive Web Design

As you all are aware of this fact that if you have a slow- loading website than your business would be in loss for sure. If your website is taking more than 10 seconds to load, then something is wrong and even longer and we are going to look somewhere else. In this competitive business world, if you are lacking basic website handling skills, than you are following the wrong way. To manage this type of conditions, it is important for you to go for the responsive web design which is really vital for your website. In this article, you would come to know about the importance of responsive web design and how it can be beneficial for your business.

One of the best reasons to use Responsive web design is simplicity. It is very simple and not very much complicated like others. With the help of responsive web page, your site would never face any loading error and run very fast. If your website is pretty simple and easy to use, than site visitors would not find any problem. It would results in more traffic to your site easily without any problem.

Better consumer experience
All the users can access the information from the remote areas with the help of Responsive web design which is highly adaptable. All the sites would fit into every format and gets comfortable with the user device. These responsive pages are made up of call to actions and different from the other desktop sites. Data viewing experience gets engaging and faster by including vertical scrolls. Your business would build a high number of customers and ensure more sales.

Similar URLs
You should understand that with this responsive web design, the URL never or hardly varies. The exact same URL would be showing on the similar site with the same graphics, content and videos. It would be on every device wherever it would be loaded for sure. It is the best benefit which you can get by using responsive web design. It easily eliminates the demand to remember the site address which is somewhat confusing sometimes.

Targeting multiple channel
With the help of responsive web design, you can easily target multiple channels. You can get effective and affordable single channel to market your brand in various market segments. This responsive web design helps users to share links amongst themselves for faster and easier access to the websites.

More SEO focus
It also helps in focusing more on the search engine optimization on a single which is mainly for the different platforms. Google is the famous search engine which always picks up the best sites with good user experience metrics; low bounce rate, consistent traffic and high return visits. In the Google algorithms, the responsive web pages always fit clearly and rank on the top on search engines.

Generating more revenue
With the help of Responsive Web design, you can earn higher revenue by generating traffic due to its accessibility in all the locations. It enables users to access the sites from anywhere or any location without any technical glitch. Doing this way, your business would be going well by earning decent revenue.

I hope now you are aware of the importance of the Responsive web design and how it is important for the business growth. Kindly go for it and you would see the benefits of it very soon. There are many Web Design companies also which can help you in building your website at an affordable price. You should contact them for all your needs and surely it would be fulfilled.