Thursday, 30 June 2016

Avoid Negative SEO In Your Website

It is very vital to properly understand the different aspects of SEO which is a necessity for online marketer to maintain good Google rankings. Negative SEO is a most used term in the industry and here in this article you would come to know about Negative SEO and how you can easily avoid it from making a large impact on the website.

Negative SEO is known as Reverse SEO which is really an unethical way of totally causing direct impact on its Search Engine rankings and damaging a website’s reputation. Negative SEO can occur due to many reasons. Some of them are as follows

  • Hacking of website
  • Distribution of website content by simply copying it
  • Creation of spam links
  • Removing the back- links of your website
  • Decreasing the reputation of your website by posting fake profile in the various social media websites.

·     If you are looking for the tools to check or identify Negative SEO, then you would get it for sure. There are various tools which are available in the market for checking whether your website is affected or not. You would be giving proper attention if you are noticing that the website rankings are not so good or not much effective.

Some famous tools are – It features various useful products such as site explorer, backlinks report, site explorer and crawl report.

Majestic SEO- This tool would easily help in checking any spamming of the web pages externally. It helps in the downloading and extraction of all the links directing toward the website page.

Monitor This tool would help you in checking whether your website is losing any vital back-links or not. You would get email arts for them. Make sure you are checking your inbox on a regular basis to see whether the negative SEO has been occurred or not.

Eliminate bad Links
If you want to eliminate bad links from your website, then you should try This site would help in finding the contact email address of the source and would remove the spam links from the website. You can keep a record of it for any future need. You can also remove those spam links with the help of Google’s disavow tool. You should use the Google disavow tool properly and carefully. Any professional SEO company would help you in meeting your overall website requirements. They also deal with mobile and website development.

Vital steps to avoid Negative SEO

·         Take the help of Copyscape to check duplication content. You can easily check whether the content has been copied from the other sources or not. Copyscape is an effective tool which would be really helpful for eliminating duplicate content.
·         You can also sign up for Google web master tools. You just have to enable the email notification options and tap the save button. If there is any type of server connectivity issues, any malware attack on your website and pages are not indexed, then Google would send email updates for sure.
·         Try to check the speed of your website. If you are noticing any high loading times, then surely some spammers would be trying to put down your server. You can take the help of tool named pingdom which would help in checking of the server loading and uptime.
·         You should use a Google Authenticate Plug-in for stopping the website from negative SEO. It would be better for you to keep a backup for your database.


Negative SEO should be removed to get good website rankings. You should prevent your website from any type of downfall. Make sure you are taking proper steps to stop negative SEO from occurring on the website through the helpful tips given above. You just have to follow it to get a good reputation of your website. 

Monday, 13 June 2016

Get the Right Web Design Company

Having an informative and attractive website has been a great mandate for businesses to get a strong and reliable online presence. Irrespective of the business size or any sector, a good website serves as the company online representation which would help in retaining and expanding the customer base. It helps in getting the more revenue. You should keep in mind that just having a website is not enough to get the profits these days. The website should be informative, user friendly and designed in such a way to make sure that customer do not get any problem while using it anytime.

There are many web designing service providers in Delhi offering a number of web designers but all not possess the same skill. It would be better for you to conduct an extensive research on the companies before going to hire them. In this article you would come to know about the vital tips which would help you in selecting the experienced web designer so that you can fulfil your business requirements.

You should know your purpose behind planning the website always. Before going for any website, you should have a understanding and precise vision of the business goals and various ways to measure it. If you are looking for an e-commerce website, then make sure your design of the website is customer friendly and also keep a track of conversion of sale. If your company is new, then you should focus on brand awareness as it would meet your all goals easily without any problem.

You should look for those companies in India which deal with a variety of projects. Some companies also provide the service of website development. Take your time to check their portfolio and determine whether they are good or not. It would help you in judging their works and skills of their web designers.

The full process of web design is overwhelming and includes a set of various technical issues. While looking for the web designers, check for the experience and feedback of their clients. The feedbacks of their clients would help you in judging whether is designer is excellent in his work or not. Any negligence can put you in deep trouble so make sure you are taking all the vital steps before going further. Doing so, would help you in saving your time and efforts always. 


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Know Everything about SEO Company Before Hiring Them

It would be very vital for you to understand that finding a Professional SEO company in India is not an easy task. You should go through many important tasks before hiring them for your needs and wants. As you all know about the importance of the SEO these days for the profitability of the business. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a successful business model and has become important for all online business owners all around the world. In every aspect, all SEO techniques should be considered before hiring those SEO experts.

There are billions of online users and it is important that your website ranks top in famous search engines like Google. If you do not understand the basics of SEO then there are high chances that your potential customers might go to your competitors. It seems simple but you need to figure out how SEO will fit in the marketing strategies for your Company. Some SEO companies also provide Web designing services also. 

Just keep in mind not to rush with an SEO campaign because you have the pressure to take your websites among the top 10 rankings. You should remember that it is fast to get search engine rankings but difficult to maintain that position. This is where the tough task comes into play.

You need to constantly do extensive research of keywords which might bring in targeted traffic. You have to consider certain points while hiring SEO services. If your business has low and high season then it is better to start SEO in low season which will fetch results during the prime season to capture key traffic.

A newly designed website does affect SEO so you should know which plan will work best for you. This is where a professional SEO Company comes into picture. Your website needs to be updated regularly therefore it is better you start from the scratch than going for something midway.

Search Engine Optimization is long time marketing strategy and results might take some time. No SEO expert has contacts in Google which will ask it to place it high rankings. Depending on the type of website and competitive keywords, SEO can take somewhere between 6-8 months to give you the best results.

Most of the SEO campaigns require sensitive website adjustments for which you need a developer who will regularly manage your website. He or she has to embark those changes as per the requirement of the project. They have set strategies which will works for particular website as search engines account for 80 percent of Internet traffic. This means that your search engine rankings have measurable and positive impact.

Relevant content on your website makes a huge difference on SEO. Just keep in mind that you have keyword rich content which will make your website searchable. Internet is full of spectacular visuals offering from high quality streaming video to glossy-looking images.

If you take away those brightly colored links, special fonts and flashing banner ads then the only thing you are left with is plain simple content. Creating SEO- friendly content is the only way to make your web pages popular.

So, find a professional SEO company in Delhi by considering all the important points.